How are players’ applications accepted into Get Recruited Sweden?
Our player rankings will help with the initial acceptances, but talking with coaches and analyzing other applications will determine whether or not a player is accepted into the event.
What schools will be watching?
We currently have over 80 college programs committed to watching SGR, from schools of nearly every level, including NCAA division I, division II, NAIA, NCAA division III, NJCAA (junior college), and CCAA (Canada).
There are also various American prep schools that have reached out about watching.
What does it cost?
When an application is accepted, registration for SGR will be set at 900 SEK. Funds are used to compensate coaches, pay for gym fees and equipment necessary for the live-stream, and to further improve the event.
How many players will be at the event?
We will take a maximum of 40 girls and 40 boys total.